4loov  Market Update - 13.1.20

4loov Market Update - 13.1.20

Summer is now in full swing but we are seeing much disruption in supply from both NSW and Victoria. Some of this is short term transport issues and some orchard damage; the latter especially in Bilpin and Batlow, and this will be much longer term. Premium cherries with Chinese New Year only a couple of weeks away are a real problem. As mentioned elsewhere our large premium Tablelands KP mangoes are at their absolute best! Peaches and nectarines are both well supplied as are all berries. Grapes are now eating particularly well and we are starting to see the first of the good eating plums.

In citrus, our lemon crop has been damaged and we will be reliant on the USA product for a bit longer, however we will see a fall in the lime price over the next week. I and many others are happy to substitute these for the imported lemons. Also in citrus, our local Valencias are turning green as they do, its natures way of protecting them, they are still the best juicing orange you can buy. Valencias lose none of their flavour or sweetness in going green. Finally, seedless melon is also starting to ease in price.

Supply is recovering from intense heat and major transport access problems. The glut of excellent, cheap snacking tomatoes and truss continues unabated. We have an excellent 1 kg Kestrel potato option, and spring onions, all cucumbers and prepack snow peas are all good value. All eggplant, and particularly imperfects, are much cheaper than they have been.

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