Pick of the Week - Tablelands KP Mangoes

Pick of the Week - Tablelands KP Mangoes

Tablelands KPs | Harris Farm Markets My pick of the week is definitely KP mangoes from the tablelands district in North Queensland. They are not particularly cheap, they are particularly good. It has been a light crop up there and so the fruit is larger than normal, the value is to be found in the big fruit. The quality is better than the last couple of years and they are running a little later than normal. We will have KP's for the next couple of months from different parts of the country however this will be the best value week. Our legendary twenty dollar trays are probably some of the best fruit I have seen at this ticket.

KP's are a soft golden fleshed fruit with a sweet tangy flavour and are available from September right through to early April in a normal season. Enjoy them this week at their absolute best!

The best way to buy a mango is to simply use your nose and look for the fragrant tropical fruity aroma. Ripe mangoes would also have a full colour and will give slightly to the touch. Avoid very soft or bruised fruit.

Unripe mangoes should be stored out of direct sunlight at room temperatures for a few days until ripe. Once ripe, a mango should last in your fruit bowl for at least two to three days. Never refrigerate unripe mangoes and do not store them in plastic bags as they would need to breathe

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